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Yahoo Local Replaces Business Reviews With Yelp Reviews

Yahoo Replaces Business Reviews With Yelp reviews, frustrating business owners.

Local Business Owners Complain That Years of Good Reviews Are Being Sent to the Trash

yelp - yahoo reviews

A recent deal by Yelp Inc. to provide business listings for Internet searches on Yahoo Inc. is getting bad reviews from some small-business owners, who say years of positive feedback from customers have vanished from Yahoo.

Colonial Hardwood Flooring of Lexington, Mass., amassed six years of mostly positive feedback on its Yahoo Local listing, says owner Dan Tringale. But several weeks ago, after Yahoo began posting reviews from Yelp, nearly 50 Yahoo reviews disappeared, he says.


mobile car auto repair Jax


Can Daily Deal Offers Translate Long Term?

Can Small Business Owners Use Daily Deals To Their Advantage?

Daily deals are those prepaid online coupons that started getting very popular about four years ago. In some cases, the deals offered as much as a 75% off discount. Services made money by charging merchants a percent of each sale, which often left sellers with little to no profit margin.daily deal sites for local buainess

Today many daily-deal services offer more flexibility. Offers can run for any length of time, and do not require a minimum number of sales. Some services allow merchants to offer less steep discounts. In the U.S., consumer spending on daily deals is projected to hit $5.5 billion by 2016, up from $1.8 billion in 2011, reports research firm BIA/Kelsey.


Shaklee Bo Short – Roger Barnett Interview

Blue arrow for Google Local Places Map

To Join the Shaklee team of Bo Short, Ty Tribble and
Lou Abbott, (the "MLM The Whole Truth" Guy!)... CLICK HERE

Our Two Business Partnerships; Income and Perks

To Join the Shaklee team of Bo Short, Ty Tribble and
Lou Abbott, (the "MLM The Whole Truth" Guy!)... CLICK HERE


SEO Case Study – Local Search – Buy Sod

Buy Sod Jacksonville, Buy Sod Augusta Georgia and Buy Sod Macon Georgia
are search terms a client wanted to be found for in those markets.

Google knows that most people searching within a local market area are looking for products or services from local businesses.
Because of this, search results are presented with preference toward local businesses with properly optimized pages, images and videos.

Proper Local Search SEO  tactics can give a local business Page 1 search ranking advantages:

Buy St Augustine Sod Jacksonville Florida

Google loves You Tube videos… You tube is owned by Google!
Google videos can have links within the description back to a local company’s website or landing page.


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